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McConnell Attacks Own, Scott Hits back

Senator Rick Scott of Florida, who has been critical of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s leadership and strategy, recently spoke to CNN in an interview. In the interview, Scott expressed his disappointment in being removed from the powerful Commerce Committee by McConnell. Despite this setback, Scott stated that he would continue to do his job and focus on his 12-point plan, which he had released as a campaign year agenda.

Scott’s plan and challenge for the leader’s job had caused some tension among Republicans. He believed that the Senate Republicans needed to have clear ideas and fight over them, which is why he opposed McConnell’s leadership. This led to McConnell removing Scott, along with Senator Mike Lee of Utah, from the Commerce Committee.

Despite this setback, Scott remains confident in his ability to serve on the panel. He cited his background as the former CEO of one of the nation’s largest healthcare companies and his experience as the governor of Florida, the nation’s third-biggest state economy, as reasons for his suitability for the committee. Scott also mentioned that he can still work on issues related to the Commerce Committee through Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, who serves as the panel’s ranking Republican.

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